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Claims Management

car_crashSuccessful Claims Management means a successful insurance business. By implementing next generation solutions insurers can save up to 20% of their claims cost, according to PwC. We have solutions suitable for multiple lines of business which through the use of efficient business processes and business rules drive out cost leakage and improve supplier management and customer service.

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Distribution Channels
MobileInsuranceBBIC offers solutions which enable insurers to rapidly develop new products and release them to their various distribution channels. This enables insurers to release products through it's existing agent broker network, or through direct channels such as affinity groups or it's own in house direct marketing channel. The solution is designed to maximise reuse through out the organisation and links to existing General Ledger and accounting practices in the back end.

The solution has been utilised through out the globe and distributes Micro Insurance and Takaful products in addition to the more conventional general and commercial products. The system can also manage Term life products and simple banking products such as loan applications.

The solution is based on a transactional model which reduces the capital exposure up front and moves the cost base into operational costs.

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Pay As You Drive
The Pay As You Drive solution set provides a complete end to end solution for insurers. Starting from the telemetric devices which are installed in the vehicle's providing continuous monitoring of how, where and when   the vehicle is being driven. This information is fed back into the Policy Management & Distribution Channel solution to product definition, pricing calculations and real time exposure reporting.

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